State Of Union Speech

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President are elected from each and every stated, voted from the ages of 18 years old and older. The elections are held in each state, so there would be different amount of people voting for the president they think who’s the best for this position. The president is picked he/she has to give a speech. The speech they gave is called ‘the state of union”. The state of union is assigned by the Constitution. It was planned to keep the Congress informed of what was happening to the nation when there were radios. It also explains what was going on with the president reports on the audience. However, the speech is given every January by the United Sates President describing what is going on with the country and any new laws that may be occurred.
Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States who took lead in the world events in the 20th century. He was the only America …show more content…

He also gives examples of situation that makes the reader or listener understand more on what he is talking about. He supports everything he is talking about with details that connect to his main points. He also uses a paper to help him remember what he is talking about, but he doesn’t keep his eyes on paper. His eye contact was good; he didn’t keep his eyes on paper for a very long amount of time. For example, he looked down for a second then looked back at the crowd. He keeps the same tone and energy throughout the whole speech. He went through everything without rushing His pace was slow in the beginning but as he talks his pacing began to be okay when he was stating the things that were happening. His tone was a higher on the main point that would make the audience be more into the points that he is trying to make. His posture was better good for the speech; he wasn’t doing anything but standing. However, this speech was one of the good ones that was given in the past

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