The Pros And Cons Of The Bush Doctrine

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In Statecraft, from turn zero it was apparent terrorism was going to be a prevailing issue. In fact, only one nation, per the Bush Doctrine, was not a state sponsor of terror. An important element of the Bush doctrine was the lack of distinction between terrorist and anyone including the states who aid the terrorist. With terrorist surrounding my nation from the west and south supporting terrorist organizations, I advised our nation’s leader to adhere to the Bush doctrine. Unfortunately, my fake nation’s leader focused on other things such as recycling. After our leader continually ignored numerous warnings, our Capital and other cities were continually attacked by OLF and the Typhoon pirates. Not being President, all I could do was the minimal, and otherwise was forced to sit back and watch not only Elferians but the citizens of the entire Statecraft world lose their family and friends from terrorist attacks. As Secretary of State, I issued firm warnings to several nations reiterating the Bush Doctrine. This warning was the extent of my willingness to negotiate on this matter. Gingrich suggest that there is a price to pay to stand up to the schoolyard bully, but there is also a price for not standing up. Gingrich’s point is exactly what I was trying to convey to my fake President. Negotiation on many issues is the first step. However, there are exceptions which prevent the philosophy of “always negotiate” from being absolutized. I vowed never to negotiate with terrorist

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