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Studying Communications and Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) in college, I was a videographer and a graphic designer passionate about resolving real human problems through the use of digital design. Practicing digital video production, interactive camera motion control, and real-time system programming, I had established real-world skills to produce a thoughtful digital experience for the users. However, temporary exposure of digital works didn’t satisfy my urge to influence people’s perspectives in a long term. Instead, I wanted a profound contribution to improving the way of life through accessible designs. In application pursuit of this line of demand, I intend to pursue HCI and design that is dedicated to solving the real …show more content…

As a graduate student, I will be granted one-on-one interaction with these respected industry practitioners over critiques, sponsors, and guest lectures. Overall, the MCHI+D Program, because of its research resources, renowned faculties, and industrially optimized location, is uniquely well-suited to my long-term goals and my interest in design that frames life. In MHCI+D Program is composed of exceptional individuals of diverse backgrounds, I look forward to contributing to the program as one of the graduates using my sufficient professional and academic experience. Since June 2017, I have worked as a User Experience QA Test Engineer at Samsung JnD Solutions, Inc. This job provides me a great amount of time and opportunities to explore numerous interactive designs of Samsung mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, wearable, accessories, and etc. Through UI testing, I have closely monitored the trends of human-computer designs and noted how they have changed to meet consumer demand over a period of time. Most importantly, this position has allowed me to critique the UX design of recent technologies and consider the pros and cons of advancement and implementation. For example, I have been experimenting with UX/UI on Gear S3 Frontier, a wearable device, which has more functions than previous designs. By implementing more advanced functions such as voice message and independent calling, it successfully generates

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