Statement Of I M A Multipotentialite

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I’m a multipotentialite(MPI). This term means someone with many interests and creative pursuits. Different from the expert who specializes in one particular field, MPIs have intense curiosity, as well as the adaptability and rapid learning ability. After I found myself being a MPI, the interests in biology and chemistry eventually drove me to choose pharmacy as my major. Studying experiences in CPU make me totally into to the capacious horizon of pharmacy. Behind a small pill, there are tremendous scientists and health providers working hard day and night, thus enabling this seemingly small pill to save millions of lives. For me, I extremely want to make a commitment to it, which motivates me to keep absorbing a wide variety of knowledge from different fields and simultaneously join the lab to start research. Honestly, in my freshman year, I enrolled in a special training program in CPU. This…show more content…
Yang to engage in the pharmacological research. During that time, I really enjoyed the fully occupied daily life, hurrying around the library, classroom, and lab, devoting my time and effort to reviewing papers and learning new experiment methods.
Brutal but real, the demerit of being a MPI emerged. I started to feel anxious. Though I was still highly interested in getting new knowledge from paper and textbook, I became repelled to the experimental research. To my disappointment, the results of experiment were usually different from my expectation, and I knew I should reconsider my research design or operating procedures to find the wrong step in this situation, followed by fixing it and doing the experiment again. However, continuously repeated experiments and results deviated from expectation seemed to recede my patience and motivation. I started to
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