Statement Of Nanotechnology

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At the beginning of new millennium, we can see tremendous progress in developed & developing countries and noticeable advancement in use of technology in each and every sector. In this era, science & technology play a keen and vital role and also became a dominant key factor for development of a country. Therefore, countries are striving hard to diversify their economies through the development and adoption of advanced technologies like Nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology and Applied Nanoscience allow creating innovative nanostructure materials and also technological transformations that excel to develop new materials in every industry i.e. Pharmacy, Chemical, Mechanical, Bio-Medical Science and others. It builds a bridge between the conventional and future technology by teaching lessons to keep environment safe, healthy and in favor of mankind by making contribution to improve of quality of life. Nanoscience open doors for advance researches those are able to change properties of materials by its size and behavior, following all disciplines of engineering while keeping
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I believe that my current working experience is the main reason that drives me to study in Poland. Studying Nanotechnology in a country, which is the cradle of this science and origin of wonders, is a good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge both practically and theoretically. I expect that this master program provides me chance to get to know with Nanotechnology and affiliates me to the field of Researches. Your university with its unique graduate program in Nanotechnology and with its commitment to support intellectual excellence is remarkable and attractive to embark upon an academic career. If i would get this precious opportunity I shall strive to achieve required excellence from my efforts and turn it into productive and qualitative
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