Statement of Purpose for Economics

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Coming from the general business background, I find economics the most influential and powerful social science in society's daily life. Good knowledge of economics leads to better decision-making and choices, understanding how people and countries interact with each other and can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals and in the larger scale to countries.
I want to study economics and build a solid knowledge in the field to be able to see the causes of things more clearly, understand and find out the ways to make good economic decisions, and build a career through which I can make good contribution to the field by using the acquired academic skills correctly.
My independent research in the field started with my curious interest in the processes of how decisions made by individuals and governments, what are the main factors encouraged them to choose particular decision over other options and the outcomes of those decisions. Then, I started to read theories of great Economists, such as, Keynes, Freidman , Devenport, Kinnerly and Mason who wrote on decision-making and the ability of individual to interpret the information. Additionally, there were theories by De Bondt , Clark , Tversky and Kehnman who argued that human psychology is interconnected with economics which cannot be ignored. Learning those theories and comparing them with the real life happenings, my enthusiasm to get deeper insights of economics increased. Encouraged by this, I have compiled
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