Statement of Purpose for My Law Degree Essay

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“Reflection may also be prompted by more positive states, for example, by an experience of successfully completing a task which previously was thought impossible” Boud (1996)
I, like a student, have spent so much time worrying about what I have to do in the future. I have decided to apply for the university to study an International business. That makes me feel that I need to be critically reflective of my assignments in order to improve my future student's performance. If an assignment gone wrong, I have to dwell on it and re-examine why it went wrong because I do not want it to happen again in my student's life. Not only does reflective practice encourage me as a student, but also makes me to be prepared to change my attitude to the
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As I am working part time and studying full time, I had to manage my time and fit in the preparation for the assignments and other course work. I have spent evenings and weekends by re-writing the assignment again and again, because as a future university student, I am always aiming to get the highest possible mark and I know that the good time management is an important part of my studies as well as an 100% attendance that is why I never missed any lesson.
When I started to write my first draft, I was surprised and impressed how quickly and easily I have put all important information together. Once I have started to write I could not stop. I have written over 2000 words and then I have realised that I need to remove at least 700 words. This was the hardest part of the writing as I was afraid I will remove some important parts which could decrease my mark. Although my tutor was happy with my first draft, I still could improve it, I only needed to know that I am on the right way. He also said the emphasis must be also placed on the grammar and punctuality which is one of my biggest problems.
When I have finally submitted the assignment, I felt very confident, but I was worried same time, because the entry requirements for the university I applied for requires to pass the assignment at merit.
A couple of weeks later, my tutor has informed us with the results. I was very happy and proud when I have heard that I passed the assignment at merit even if I knew I
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