Statement of Purpose on Engineering

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As I pen down my statement of purpose, my life so far races through my mind. In this concise piece of writing, various professional milestones achieved so far in my life, which commingle bring out my persona as to who I am and also justify my aspiration to reach the dizzy heights of a techno-leader and become a pioneer in the field of my choice.
Reminiscing about the factors that helped me in making this decision, I need to step back to my school days. After completing high school, I had the choice to pursue medicine or physics. My penchant for physics and mathematics encouraged me to choose the field of mathematical sciences. This decision was bolstered by my cent per cent marks in mathematics in the class XII exam. This was my first step towards study of engineering as my undergraduate academic pursuit.
Exemplary marks in my high school and top 1% rank in All India Engineering Entrance Exam helped me to secure admission to National Institute of Technology (NIT), one of the premier engineering colleges of India. Among the multitude of courses, offered in the engineering discipline, the field that is unique and offers immense diversification for research and higher studies is Electronics Engineering. Electronics is omnipresent; it is at the core of most modern day advancement. In visualizing the ability of a minute device offering vast applications left me astonished and pleasantly surprised. Therefore, I want to delve deep into the intricacies of this amazing field of
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