Statement Of Purpose For MS Mechanical Engineering

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Statement of Purpose for MS Mechanical Engineering
Amit Kulkarni
I deem it as a golden opportunity to describe myself and my vision through this statement of purpose. As Elenor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” It is my dreamed ambition to pursue postgraduate education in the evergreen field of Engineering in your esteemed university.
Pune is considered as the motherland for education in India. I feel myself blessed that I had my education in Pune itself. As a kid I was very curious and inquisitive about various things happening around me. Science satisfied all my curiosities and became my favorite subject. My teachers helped me to develop into a versatile student and my area of expertise increased from academics to sports and arts. During those years in school, I started developing interest in technical field. The introduction of any advanced technology or the inventions
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Ltd. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company. I was working as a Full Time Intern in the Production department, and was responsible for: Process planning, complete Process monitoring, Inspection of Raw materials and finished products, Invoicing and arrangement of dispatch, assisting with production documentation and discussion of various issues of the clients. Our company is a Manufacturer of various machined components such as rocker mechanisms, hubs etc. for automobile and power generation applications. Our primary client is the Kirloskar Group. Dealing with the requirement associated with these companies I learnt to value the importance of time, precision, accuracy, trust and commitment. I was also inspired and motivated to start my own small scale firm after completing Master's at your revered university by interactions with the company’s clientele and
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