Statistical Process Control of Activities in Daily Routine

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Statistical Process Control Of Activities In Daily Routine Table of Contents 1. Analysis of the Problem 2. Application of Statistical Process Control and Solving the Problem (a) Statistical Process Control: X-bar Charts (b) Weekly Morning Time Utilization Chart 3. Observations from the chart 4. Conclusion 5. Solution 6. Effect of Seasonal Factors 7. Seasonal Factors 8. Usefulness of Confidence Intervals 9. References 1. Analysis of the Problem This paper is on process control of activities that happen on daily basis. Statistical Process Control (SPC) involves application of HYPERLINK "" statistical methods and HYPERLINK "" procedures (such as HYPERLINK "" control charts) to HYPERLINK "" analyze the HYPERLINK "" inherent HYPERLINK "" variability of a HYPERLINK "" process or its HYPERLINK "" outputs to HYPERLINK "" achieve and HYPERLINK "" maintain a state of HYPERLINK
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