Statistics : Critique Health Statistics And Movement Max Statistics

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All three (four including altered barbarians) unit types have unique health statistics and movement max statistics, the evaluated parameters when discussing the best team composition. The following table provides the information of health and movement max, for all of the units: leader, scout, barbarian and the alternate barbarian, signified by the * within Table 1. Furthermore, with the knowledge gained from the stats the each unit has, there should be a determining factor on why the tests that provide more scouts as units within the composition, provide better results overall. Table 1 shown that a team of scouts provided the higher amount of successful results when attempting to clear the wall. Furthermore, from Table 2, it is clear that …show more content…

Therefore, an increase in enemy units should prove more difficult for a human player, especially if it makes all the paths too hard to brute force pass through, but at least allow for a stealthy approach, which is the intention of the current version of the game. Although further development after the project, would include a damage stat for the players, which could completely change the results of the test, barbarians would potentially become the stronger unit with the implementation of a damage stat as they can beat a Roman unit without dying so easily in return. On a more precise side of the results, the number of units that were successful per run were recorded also, they hold additional information into the success of a squad, as the higher the number of units that succeeded in one game, the overall success for that team has increased, as in reality, the aim would be for the whole squadron to survive the encounter and proceed beyond the wall. Table 3 shows the number of successful units per test, with the maximum number of successful units being 4 within a single simulation. Furthermore, these results show that the common form of success is a single unit, which shares its

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