Lab Report: Calibration of Volumetric Glassware Essay

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Calibration of Volumetric Glassware

Nur Farah Nabilah Binti Ahmed Zhaini
Muhammad Imanuddin Bin Azman
Maisarah Binti Alias

In this experiment, The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the measurement of the actual volume contents of volumetric glassware. In the beginning of the experiment, the volumetric glassware should be clean and dry before used. The volumetric glassware, measuring cylinder and pipette should be handled with care and all the precautions were be taken during the experiment was held. This was to ensure to avoid any errors such as parallax error especially while reading water meniscus. This experiment must be repeated three times or more and take the average reading to get more
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Whereas, volumetric flask has TC as its marking, meaning it is marked as a ‘to contain’.
A volumetric pipette & measuring cylinder can be calibrated by just weighing the water they deliver. As for volumetric flask, the weight of an empty flask is recorded. Next, weigh the flask after filling it with water to the mark.
After that, it is crucial to convert the mass to volume. The water density at a temperature will aid this process. The compliance of the Volume Occupied by 1.000g of Water Weigh in Air table is deemed necessary throughout the comparison.
In order to obtain the true volume of volumetric glassware holds, this formula will be used.

This experiment shall be repeated twice or more to enhance accuracy of the results obtained. Besides detecting systematic errors, this experiment would aid on the technique and understandings to the correct use of these equipments.

Transfer pipette, cleaning solution/detergent, beaker, thermometer, distilled water, top loading balance, 10ml volumetric pipette, 25mlvolumetric pipette, 100ml volumetric flask, 50ml measuring cylinder.

1) Calibration of a volumetric pipette (10ml and 25ml)
a) Transfer pipette was obtained. The pipette was cleaned because distilled water does not drain uniformly. A cleaning solution or detergent was used to clean the pipette.
b) An empty beaker was weighted. Then, water was filled in the beaker. The temperature was recorded at uniform intervals.
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