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The prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases is no doubt imperative to the well-being of a society, even more so, on college campuses where the risk of communicability is greatest and can even affect loved ones and close friends. This hazard is further increased within Historically Black Colleges and Universities due to less consideration given to the risk associated with having intercourse. This is mainly caused by a lack of awareness in regard to STD's and their transmission, with the most prevalent cases involving HIV and AIDS. The problem lies within societal and cultural risks. Students at HBCU's tend to have unprotected sex and often times not tell their partners if they are carrying a disease because they are either afraid to…show more content…
The problem is real and continues to grow. People can’t afford to be ignorant about it. People aged 15-24 form about ¼ of America’s sexually active population, it is clear that most of this are of college age. Also, a CDC report states that states that 1 in 4 college students are infected with an STD. Wishing the problem away simply wouldn’t solve it. Untreated STDs are dangerous to personal and public health, and some last a life time. And can destroy other organs (long term effects). Gonorrhea can lead to sterility in men. Syphilis can cause numbness, blindness and even death.
STDS are also dangerous to public health. Many STDs are transmittable through shared public utilities like restrooms Orientation needs to be channeled to make people understand that like any other illness, the earlier STDs are treated the better
Even for the STDs with no known cure yet such as HIV, partners need to understand that there are treatments available to ensure that the carrier continues to live a normal healthy life and even if they choose to, have healthy kids. This would let partners understand that a diagnosis isn’t a death sentence. Also there should be adequate orientation of the privacy protections that exists for patients who test for STDS. As it has been discovered that many college students fear to takes the tests so it does not show up in their health bills, causing them to have difficult conversations with their parents.

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