Bus 210 Final Project

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Steam is the largest software and gaming community hub ever used to distribute video games and related media online. Steam makes up over 75% of all computer game sales and as of 2012 Steam now offers software for music creation, video editing, video game creation, and much more on top of the 3,000 games they have in the ‘cloud’ as well. Steam provides its users, which includes over 75 million people, with automatic content management, an interactive profile, friends, groups, chats, networking, match making and even card trading (Richardson, 2012). Steam also allows users to create their own content through their Steam Workshop. The Steam Workshop is a tool within the Steam software platform that allows gamers to edit pre-existing in-game assets to create their own games, models, and video game ideas. This feature alone has helped computer gaming become the huge community in society that it is. Steam has brought together gamers to have them create content of their own and have their own product on Steam (Kowalczyk, 2014). This has created a cycle in video game creation and is allowing more and more content to exist which is allowing the gaming community to grow and thrive much more than before. The gaming community is also getting a huge increase in developers because anyone can make a game without even having to think about the physical production and distribution aspect of business.
With a service like Steam physical video game manufacturing and distribution has been cut

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