Steps Used In Offline Card Sortinging

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Here, we are going to compare the card sorting performed by one of the users with the original category of the website to test how many categories have been exactly matched by the users. We are going to take the categories sorted by the user 2.
Below is the result of the card sorting by user 2.
When we compare the below categories of the user with The Base website we can see that most of the cards are sorted into their respective categories except some. For example, in The Base website, every stall is categorised into shops and every discount offers are placed under offers tab whereas the user has grouped both under the category shops and entertainments.
Most of the other categories such as cinema, services match with the
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Figure 9 Offline Card sorting

We are going to compare the category of a user with the category of original website and analyse how these two differ. As per the above Figure 9, the user has categorised the cards together under the category movie which matches with the category of the website.
Also, the time taken by the user to categorise all the cards is much less when compared to online card sorting which proves that offline card sorting is much simple than online.

Difference between Online and Offline card sorting
Online card sorting Offline card sorting

Online card sorting is known for its availability and the ease to perform the sorting in a simple manner. Offline card sorting provides a qualitative data analysis of the users considering the physical environment of the user. The results of sorting are accessible across all platforms making it easier for the evaluator. It helps the evaluator to perform an interview session with the users to obtain more clarity. Results provided by the user are limited since the evaluator cannot understand the way in which the user is grouping the cards.

The task may be completed in a quick time but the results are not accurate. The major drawback of the sorting is that it is limited to the user’s availability.

If the sorting involves more cards to be sorted then the evaluator should physically create the cards which are a tedious task to the
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