Stereotypes Against Women

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On August 18th, 1920 Congress had ratified the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote. This was just the first step in the women’s fight for equality. Even to this day, women are constantly working and trying to prove they are not inferior to men. The bias against women which believes women should do the housework while men go out and make money, severely affected the inferiority of women. Only in the last forty years have women been attending college in the United States at the same rate men have. Women are constantly behind men which leaves people to believe they are not as strong and able.

Throughout history, women have been considered weaker than men. This stereotype against women has been carried
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People have started to realize the defaults that men have in their lives that makes them weak as well. Scientific American has run a study that shows what aspects of life men are weaker in,” They are more prone to a range of neurological challenges. Autism is notoriously higher among boys than girls: now nearly five times more likely” (Shabecoff 1). Studies have shown that in the womb, everyone starts off as a women and through a great number of cell divisions they can become a man. This both proves the idea that men are not superior to women because they start out as one. That is why men have things such as nipples because they start out with female features. Genetic disorders are also more easily obtained in men due to the Y chromosome. A defect to the X chromosome on a male leaves it with a lack of a healthy copy to fall back on, leaving it more…show more content…
Life is constantly throwing us curveballs, and certain people deal with them better than others. However, in the recent years women are not subjected to as much criticism and bias as they use to be. Society has started to realize the benefits that women bring to the world every day and that they are not as inferior to men as we believe. Recent studies also show that men are not as superior as everyone has believed. Men have weaker points in both their body and mind that makes them inferior to women. Also, the recent progress that women have made have allowed them to show their
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