Stereotypes And Exploitation Of Gender Profiling

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Abstract.“Successful investigations of the process of gender embodiment must use these three basic principles. First nature/nurture is indivisible. Second organisms-humans and otherwise- are active processes, moving targets, from fertilization until death. Third, no single academic or clinical discipline provides us with the true or best way to understand human sexuality” (Fausto-Sterling, 2000) Throughout this study I compared to of the largest toy brands in the world LEGO and Barbie, they are both iconic pop culture symbols and were perfect for this paper. Researching thoroughly the effects that negative stereotypes and exploitation of gender profiling can have. Through this investigation I believe it was found that attitudes towards genders shift over time and as time goes by the attitudes towards women for example in the work place have become more liberal. However there will always be negative connotations around these matters as everyone’s ideologies are different. It is an interesting and important topic that everyone from all backgrounds, social statues and ethnicities are part of yet it is a very multi-layered and complicated topic as there are so many factors that come into play.

“Gender is complex” (Lippa, A R 1994) there are unlimited influences that affect each and every one of us as we develop as human beings; we are all unique models, shaped not only by our DNA but also by the physical and emotional environment in which we find ourselves. It is
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