Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Media

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In our media-intensive culture, it is not difficult to find different opinions as well as stereotypes. Stereotypes are found in the media every day and affect our opinion as well as how we perceive others. Stereotypes of the GLBT community in the media are most commonly found in movies or in TV shows but they rarely talk about their sexual identity. When their identity is being portrayed, it is shown with some form of stereotype. The identity of the homosexual seems to stem from a stereotype itself; sometimes as if the GLBT community has formed their identities based on stereotypes. Men are commonly shown as “feminine” while women are portrayed to be “masculine”. Other stereotypes such as that all gay men are all into fashion or that lesbians are vegetarian are misconceptions found in the media. In more recent years, Gay men have been stereotyped as being exaggerated with their words as well as their fashion sense. Lesbians, however, are viewed as very manly, usually shown by a woman with short hair and/or wear men clothing. TV shows such as Modern Family and Glee both have gay characters. Modern Family represents different forms of gay men, yet with stereotypes in them. One is an environmental lawyer who is represented as the male in the relationship while the other is a homemaker, shown as the female. Additionally, the TV show Glee portrays a gay character that is very stereotypical. He dresses very well, is keen on fashion and is also extravagant; all gay stereotypes.…
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