Stereotypes Of Attending Church

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They are so many stereotypes that those who attend church are boring. Those who believe that can be categorized as ignorant people. They have created a system based on what they have heard. People should not judge what they have not experienced. All this has arisen from the lack of knowledge about how the life of those who attend church should be. If you have never been part of any church, you can’t say much, less judge saying that those who attend church live a boring life. A person does not have to have the same thoughts, beliefs or live their life the same as you in order to have fun. From my experience of growing up in church, I can say that those who attend church are not boring. Many people assume that because I go to church almost …show more content…

I danced Ballet for fourteen years and when I got injured I thought I would never dance again, but God gave me the chance to do what I love but just that this time I'm doing it for him. Being part of the dance ministry we dance every Sunday while they worship ministry is singing. We practice every Tuesday with them , while they are singing we are choreographing the songs. We use many instruments to dance like Tambourines, Praise Hoops and Flags. We also attend a lot of Christians concerts I enjoy this because instead of going to a concert where you are dancing just to place your body and getting drunk, I go to seek God presence and leave full of that place. By being part of a ministry we attend a lot of conferences where we get to learn more about God, where we can interact with other churches. What I enjoy the most is when we attend the youth and dance camps. Youths camps are so fun because we get to met many youths from all over NY, NJ, and CT. This is so fun because is a time that we have for ourselves without any adults around, where we play games, we go to sleep late either because we are talking, doing each others hair and makeup. In the other hand Dance camps are the best because we are doing what we love, we get to met a lot of people, learn new choreographies and the most important part is that we praise God altogether. Also during the summer we get together with other churches to play volleyball and

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