Stereotypes: True Or False?

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The third act listed in the article was making nice with Megyn Kelly. This clearly works against him because America doesn’t want a person who makes nice with anyone they want a bully. America is upset with our current President Barack Obama because he uses socialism way too much. He gives away free phones, health care and even built section eight homes in wealthy neighborhoods. America is not looking for a negotiator or a follower they are looking for a leader who uses the direct leadership style. The fourth act listed in the article is rolling out a list of Supreme Court pick, this isn’t smart because he allowed the public to know about his strategy. As president, one thing that he has to keep away from the public eye is his strategies. …show more content…

The reason for that is because the conclusion of the article is questionable, but it has several supporting details. I supported my position by critically thinking about the article and understanding that everything that the author listed was subjective claims because it cannot be measured. For example, it is literally impassable to be “too nasty” to Hilary Clinton (and Bill Clinton) in the eyes of the Republican base(Cillizza,2016). There is no way to measure that statement and it’s clearly an opinion. Which is why it is subjective, meaning that the statement could be false to another person. According to the textbook Critical Thinking whether a subjective claim is true or false is not independent or weather people think it is true or false. Everyone has their own idea of what a smart decision for a candidate would be and candidates know that which is why they spend millions of dollars trying to get people’s votes. To me a non-voter, I think that everything listed in the article works against Donald Trump and weren’t smart at all unlike the author Chis Cillizza who thought that there were all-smart. I believe the author is cognitively bias, because he is an employee of the media and from reading the article it seems like he values his own opinions over others because even with all of the evidence he provided it still does not prove that what Donald Trump did was smart. The only thing that it proves is that Donald Trump is being an

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