Steve Jobs: A Technological Mastermind

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Steve Jobs was a unique person, and he was a mastermind at creating technology that changed the world. Steve was born in San Francisco, California, on February 29,1955. Being raised as an adopted child, Steve was a very smart child. His intelligence allowed him to skip two grades; however his parents only allowed him to skip one grade. Steve was different from other children. During his childhood he became fascinated with electronics. He attended college, however he dropped out due to financial problems. He later got a job at a video game company called Atari. After leaving Atari, he became a co-founder of Apple computers. Steve Jobs had a creative way of thinking. He would take normal inventions that other people developed and make them more appealing and simpler to use. For example, he took a computer apart, examined it, and then made it user-friendly for the everyday person to use. His unique creations captivated the world by surprise. Not only was Steve the best inventor of all time, he was mastermind at developing electronics. Keeping up with the trend was very demanding in the electronic industry. Steve was always one step ahead of other developers in the industry. The demand for his products was above the rest. Along with that Steve was a very demanding man. He did not accept anything below perfection. This made him a perfectionist. All of Steve’s inventions were creative and futuristic to the world.
Steve Jobs had many successful inventions.

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