Stewardship As A Whole Function

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Stewardship in Nursing
Andreas Munk

The concept of stewardship is an ongoing part of nursing. As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, stewardship is “the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something.” In this case that something corresponds to the nursing field as a whole. The concept of stewardship is not thought of as often as it should be. Sometimes stewardship can be confused with religious meanings or often is simply not a topic that is heavily weighted. However stewardship is indeed an intricate concept that is vital for the overall success of nursing. I believe stewardship in nursing is the ability to improve, enhance, and oversee the prosperity of how nursing as a whole functions. Stewardship entails many areas of concern such as safety, increased autonomy from other health care professions, accreditation, economics, and most importantly the overall needs of the patient. As nursing’s future continues to change, stewardship is vital in developing life-long learning practices and ultimately shaping current and future leaders. In order for standards of practice to support the future, nurse leaders demonstrating stewardship must be able to collaborate to form innovative models of care delivery in order to best serve the patient and work efficiently within the health care system. In this paper I will be discussing what defines stewardship and why it is important in nursing. Next, current issues involving stewardship in

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