The Missing Brick Wall: The Great Wall Of The Qin Dynasty

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China’s names for the wall is reasonable, but different as we know it today like The Missing Brick Wall or The Wall of Bones or The Great Wall of China. Many things happened at the time of the building of this historic monument of dynasties. Legends, deaths, attacks, and names. All started with the Mongols and gossip. The people that heard the Mongols were going to attack. The thought the people created by the minds. Deaths were made because of the people and emperors. The wall has become a symbol of achievement and hope, but the hope didn’t last long. The hope of life and not death. As I say the wall isn’t a symbol of hope it’s a symbol of death.

What happened before the making The Mongols planned an attack. The Mongols were one of the most …show more content…

“The Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty was built at the expense of many lives.” ( The Great Wall of China). Many lives were saved, but many lives were taken because of an emperor's idea. The males died from hunger, exhaustion, or thirst. In the building of this, the emperor decided to leave the bone in the wall instead of having their families having a Zànglǐ. Plus many died from invasion too. The families were put in poverty if there was no male in the house because an emperor declared that only men could work. Women had to stay at home with the children and/or clean the house. When the men left. If the women had Qián they wouldn’t lose their …show more content…

The history of the great wall is very long because of how many years it took to make it and how many people died. Over one thousand years it took to make and protect the people of china. The wall had always protected the people of China. The world is perfect not everything can be safe every moment of the day and night. China’s history is a much longer than America’s because of all the inventions they made and what buildings they worked on for many years. The Great Wall of China is the protector of China and wasn’t. Just because it protected China, but it was dangerous. A symbol of life or death not

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