The Great Wall Of China Essay

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The great wall of China was a great build, but was a costly build. Many died in the building of this wall. It also took over twenty-two centuries to build, and affected China’s way of life.Building this wall was not the worth the deaths or the costs.

To begin with, many soldiers and peasants died in the building of this wall. Many died in the most horrible way, from starvation to disease. It wasn’t just a few soldiers that died it was thousands. Not only did it take the lives of people it weakened the army. This weakening of the army left them open to attack. The Chinese shouldn’t have wasted lives for a wall.

In addition to many deaths it also took too long to build. With a building time of twenty-two centuries it definitely shows that this building time is quite ridiculous.It took two thousand, two hundred year just to build a wall that only covered the northern
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When the wall was built they were so focused on defending since they had a small amount of soldiers. The deaths of the soldiers also made it hard to attack others. After the wall was built the people had more responsibilities. People had to take the job of peasants since they were working on the wall and maintaining the wall. Some people believed that the wall lulled the Chinese into a false sense of security.

Other people believe that the Great wall of China was worth all the costs, but it isn’t. The wall may have protected them from a few attacks from the Mongolians, but they could have attacked them from the side. It made the Chinese feel safe when they weren’t. It protected from the Mongolians, but the only way for them to be completely safe is to build a wall all around China.

The Great Wall of China may have been helpful against a few attacks, but this build had too many costs. Losing thousands of lives is not the same as protecting a few. China was not familiar of the costs they would have had to face. China should have looked before they
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