Stop Animal Cruelty Across The World

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Animal rights are a huge issue across America. Every day, animals are beaten, abused, starved, and much more. Statistics show how horrible people can be to animals, every day at least 250,000 animals go hungry because their owner won’t feed them. Animals are a huge part of life; therefore we should all do our part to protect them. All animals deserve to have a life filled with happiness and appropriate care, but thousands go without their basic needs for survival on a daily basis. Animal cruelty is a big issue across the world, animal cruelty doesn’t consist of just dogs and cats, and animal cruelty spreads through every species of animal across the planet. Animals have had a huge impact on human life since the beginning of…show more content…
Lots of organizations have helped abused animals for many years, but their goal is to stop animal cruelty at the start. If we can stop animal cruelty at the start, then lots of animals will be exposed to a better life full of happiness and health. Not everybody treats their animals the same, but when people abuse their animals, they don’t always realize that they are being cruel. Some people say that when somebody abuses and animal, it’s a gateway to abusing people. Although abusing people, compared to animals is much different, statistics show that the majority of people that abuse animals progress to abusing people. Animal cruelty is a rising topic through the years; more people are realizing that it’s a serious problem. Animal cruelty has sent people to prison for many years, depending on how bad or how long they abused the animal. Lots of people say that an animal is better off deceased than to be at home being abused by their owner every day. There are countless movies, shows, and books about animal cruelty that describe the horrific tragedies of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is slowly coming to an end over time; cops and organizations have been scouting around America and
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