Stop Surfing and Start Moving!

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“If you have time to watch television and surf the net, then you definitely have time to do physical activities. There is no excuse.” Do physical activities help people feel healthier? Yes, because physical activities help the people to reduce the fat in their body, maintain healthy lives, and they also help them improve their good mood. There are several types of physical activities: aerobic activities, cardio workouts, yoga, and vigorous-intensity activities. Each of them has different benefits. Generally, in order to maintain the healthy life, people should do physical activities at least thirty minutes per day or five days a week. This essay describes the benefits of physical activities and gives the tips to live a better life. Physical activities are beneficial for human health because they will make a person feel happy and comfortable, improve memory, and protect from dangerous diseases. Physical activities are beneficial for human health because they make a person feel happy and comfortable. Walking is the easiest workout that the people can do every day for an hour. If a person goes to the gym or works out at home regularly, then he or she can burn more calories, so it would allow him or her to eat more calories. Because exercise enhances the blood flow to the skin, person look and feel younger than his or her actual age, so he or she can wear own choice’s clothes, which makes a person feel happy. Physical activities are good for teenagers as well as older people.

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