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Being in love with someone or something is a feeling so marvelous there are no words, of course until something goes horribly wrong and the love isn't there anymore. Love is a powerful emotion, which can either fill a person's whole, or cripple them to shreds. Love is everywhere all over the world, you can’t vanquish love as an emotion, because someone somewhere will still love something or someone. Love is what people hope to find. Luke Hemmings and Jack Ramsay talk about how everything ended so fast between to people who were supposed to be “in love.” In “Story of Another Us” the narrator talks about how things could have ended differently, and how the two people could have lasted under different circumstances. Not all stories end in happily-ever-after, some in beautiful tragedy. “Story of Another Us” is about how love is not always a forever thing.…show more content…
Trying to get someone to see your side of the story is like scratching nails on a chalkboard, just a horrible time all together. “I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes,// and a wasted heart that just eclipes,// and I push my luck from trust to dust enough,// that’s the story of another us.”(line 10-13) He’s trying to win this person back, but nothings working. He’s trying to make this person see what could happen if a second chance was given. Love is so bittersweet. The other person isn’t seeing the narrator's point-of-view, they want nothing to do with. “One last ditch a new beginning, so take this heart put yourself in it.// This surprise ending I’m depending on,// could be the story of another us.” (line 14-17) He’s opening up one last time trying to get this person he’s loved to try and see his side. He wants to do anything he can to get his partner back, but he’s wearing down his will to fight. The narrator is trying to show his position, his side of the story, it’s the other person who’s to stubborn to

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