Story of Friendship and Hate in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Boy in the Striped Pajamas

In the story the boy in the striped pajamas there were many characters but one of the main characters were Bruno , an eight year old boy who loved to play and explore. Bruno had a large mind and he didn't like boring or dull things. He like excitement and adventure. You could tell Bruno was also a very curious boy because he saw the concentration camps from his window and thought it was a farm. So he asked his parents about it and they would not give him any detail so he went on an adventure to find out what it really was. Bruno was a very interesting character too. He made you wonder what was going to happen next. Bruno wasn't a bad person , he was really just an innocent little boy from Berlin who got …show more content…

She reallly doesnt like what the Nazi’s are doing to the Jews , and she thinks its inhuman. When she finds out that they are killing and burning the bodies of the Jews she really thinks its time for her and the kids to move away. She is very somber and she doesn't feel like “Out-With” is the place for her and children she wants to move away. She is feeling gloomy for leaving her husband but she is enraged in what he is doing to the Jewish people. For example , hes building more gas chambers to kill the Jews in. In addition , he barely feeds the Jews and brutally beats Jews , he treats them like animals

Likewise, Brunos older sister Gretel’s character also changes but not for the better. Once Gretel moves she started acting like she older but shes only 12. For example, she loved playing with her baby dolls. But once she met one of her father workers she started acting like she was older to impress him. So she put all of her dolls in a bag and put them away. Gretel also had hung up maps of Europe that Father had given her, and every day she put little pins into them and moved the pins around constantly after reading the daily newspaper. She acted like she was more intelligent than she really was like a “smarty pants”.

Quotes From the Book

“Sitting around miserable all day won't make you any happier.”
I chose this quotes because its very true. If you just sit around all day how much good is that going to do you?

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