Strategic Options And Ideas Of Ryanair

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a. Plan: The options and ideas are brainstormed and planning is done about how to utilize and deliver them.
b. Ploy: It is basically plotting against the competitors. Here, Ryanair can dissuade other companies in the market and discourage or encourage them to do things that eventually turn out to be beneficial for them.
c. Pattern: These can be the traditions of the company. Here, the natural behavior or the organization which is tested and approved is employed. It is basically the strategy where successful way of doing the business is adopted.
d. Position: It is the current situation or standing of the organization in the company. In this strategy, it is the aim of developing the ‘position’ in the marketplace.
e. Perspective: It is the social analysis of the company and where it is located. The culture is the major aspect here. Determining the perspective of Ryanair will be a challenge as it is located in more than one country.

Strategic Options Available to Ryanair
Strategic options are the unique and facilitative substitute action-oriented responses to the external situations of the organization that it faces over a certain period of time. They utilize the available opportunities and stakeholders in order to benefit heir businesses and expand into the existing or new market(s). These opportunities can be threats occurring to the other companies or the actors or factors that run the market. Ryanair is a company that holds an important position in the airline industry

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