Strategic Plan For A Global Environment

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In today’s businesses the need for leadership is as important as ever. The focus on working in a local economy to one that works in a global environment has challenged the most established companies. To be as successful as possible these companies need to develop a road map or a strategic plan to ensure that desired results are achieved. The strategic vision is usually presented by upper management and the execution is done by regional or local leadership. A strategic plan is a “written document that points the way forward for your business” (TAB, 2013). This plan can address issues, drive innovation, maximize resources both human and natural and help in the decision making process. When a strategic plan is implemented, it does not just work because it was initiated, it takes leaders to implement the processes and procedures to ensure that the plan is executed and the desired results are achieved. Sometimes the strategic plans need to be adjusted and reformatted to the meet the changes in the working environment. These needs can be more successful if the input from those involved is provided. So how do companies get staff to buy into the forecasted direction? They get the major of support from the leaders. These leaders are tasked with getting others to buy into the plan and ensuring that all the processes are running at efficient levels. When the correct strategic plan is implemented the results can produce both short and long-term success. W. Glenn Rowe

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