Strategic Plan for Northern Alberta Institue of Technology (NAIT)

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NAIT Strategic Plan
The STR/581 Strategic Planning and Implementation week five individual assignment is to provide a strategic plan for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). The paper includes implementation plan, strategic controls, and contingency plans.
Grand Strategy
The grand strategy for NAIT as recommended in the STR/581 Strategic Planning and Implementation week four individual assignment: Strategic Choice and Evaluation is to focus on product development. The product that NAIT delivers are the educational programs that are custom designed to provide and educational background for NAITs customers, students, to enable them to enter industry with an education that will allow them to flourish.
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Short-term objectives that are associated with a reward system can be power motivators.
The first-short term objective for NAIT in the implementation plan is the development and launch of a new industry relevant teaching program. The program must target a new technology that the competing polytechnics are not developing or already teaching, there must be an established demand for program graduates, and the program must be interesting and appealing to the target student population. The target timeline for the launch is 12 months after the approval date for the proposed program. Market and industry research will be complete before the program proposal date.
Another short-term objective that is required is the identification and planned discontinuation of programs teaching obsolete technologies. There are several programs that were high demand and very relevant for industry and students in the past but the technologies have matured and passed leaving much less demand for program graduates.
Functional Tactics
To achieve short-term objectives the organization must have in place a mechanism or mechanisms that are able to accomplish the objectives. These are the key components of an organization including human resources, marketing, finance, production, operations,

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