Strategic Planning : Strategic Thinking

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Communication is key in sharing information, promoting strategic thinking, and foster relationships by working in teams within the organization. Executives could have managers start by participating in strategic thinking with community groups and local businesses (Goldman, 2007). Organization strategic thinking should urge employees to look ahead for opportunities as to avoid being in constant reactive mode. It is essential to communicate that strategic thinking is goal oriented, planned over a length of time, and tied to the mission and goals of the organization. It is significant to match employees with mentors when you can to aid in developing and fostering strategic thinking skills in addition to rewarding employees when possible (Goldman, 2007).
Strategic thinking will involve risk taking on leaders of healthcare organizations to engage their team to create new ideas in order to support decisions that are that are viable for the organization. If a company desires a team to think strategically they must take the required steps to nurture strategic thinking and provide feedback (Goldman, 2007). It is important that through the strategic planning process the team evaluates all possible scenarios that may result from the process, not just scenarios in the immediate future in order to predict the best possible outcomes in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Leaders must continue to encourage their team, typically a diverse group of individuals each with unique

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