Strategic Role Of Outsourcing

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The introduction of high technology and outsourcing is contributing to the traditional human resources role becoming a thing of the past (Parus, 2003). The new innovative technology being introduced allows human resources professionals the ability to communicate and work more effectively amongst other professionals in the organization and industry. The business process of outsourcing gives certain functions in the organization a way to improve basic services; providing human resources professional’s time in playing a more strategic role in their organizations. By adopting human resources in a strategic view organizations were able to take all resources into consideration when planning not only for the present day, but under long-term …show more content…

Most recently, human resources professionals find themselves in the strategy formulation stage with executive management. Besides just implementing and supporting strategic activities for the organization they are engaged in the strategy formulation and decision making. This can happen in many ways but too emphasize the key input involved here and then be partner to the decision making of an organization. (Khan, 2014)
Achieving competitive advantage throuch human resources requires human resources activities be managed from a strategic perspective. (Becton, 2009). In order for human resources professionals to act in a more strategic matter they must become equal partners with other professionals in implementation and formulation of strategy. Providing managers at all levels in organizations the awareness of a critical source of competitive advantage not from having the most ingenious product design or service, the best marketing strategy, state-of-the-art technology, or the most savvy financial management but from having the appropriate systems for attracting, motivating, and managing the organizations’ human resources. This can contribute to transitioning to various forms of change such as, fundamental mindsets, organizational views and knowledge, view of employees, time frame, risk, and response.
Human resources becoming a strategic partner is defined by not what it does, but by what they deliver. The human resources’s strategic

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