Chern S Case 1

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A. Develop a formal talent philosophy, HR Strategy, and a specific staffing strategy.

Talent Philosophy
After reviewing Chern’s business strategies and competitive advantages our here are four recommendations to create a more formal talent philosophy. 1. Create a long term career environment for employees 2. Value the ideas and contributions of people with diverse ideas and perspectives 3. See employees as assets to the company 4. Incorporate ethical principles for employees to follow
Human Resources Strategy
In order to develop a human resource strategy; there must be a linkage of the entire human resource function with the firm’s business strategy in order to improve business strategy execution. The first recommendation …show more content…

3. Do we want to hire for a train and develop needed skills?
Chern should take an approach train and develop needed skills. In today’s selection of employment seekers it is difficult to find people who have the right level of qualifications. Training will allow Chern to ensure that the employees are at the best skill level for their business. They will be able to mold employees into what they want them

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