Essay about Strategic operations issues and Lean Synchronisation

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TITE: Strategic Operations Issues

ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: Using your own organisation, identify a strategic operations issue or problem that needs to be addressed.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Lean Synchronisation is a growing trend as the market becomes increasingly competitive due to customer’s/client’s expectations that a product or service be provided instantaneously. This analysis considers the application of lean synchronisation principles to the simple process of signing out mail within a law firm where each solicitor must reach a certain amount of billable units per day, thus emphasising the importance that small administrative task, such as signing out mail, needs to be streamlined whilst eliminating waste. This …show more content…

The encouragement of continuous advice and criticism from its creative teams, brings problems to the surface before it becomes and crises and affects the overall operation (Slack et al. 2012 p. 373). By encouraging open communication during LS the responsibility for solving the problem is now shared with everyone, ‘improving the chances of the problem being solved’ in the most efficient and cost-effective manner in order to reply to the customer’s needs and demands (Slack et al. 2012 p. 355).


A & B Partners (“A&B”) is a specialised insurance and commercial litigation law firm. The objectives of the business are to be the leader in the area of insurance law, more specifically motor vehicle insurance, public liability and home insurance. The firm acts for various insurance companies and there is often a panel of law firms acting for these insurance companies.

Whilst in most law firms there is only one client, in insurance litigation there are various stake holder interests to weigh up. There is the insurance company (“Client”) who insures the insured (“IO”) or the insured’s company, motor vehicle or home, the shareholders of the Client and upholding the Client’s obligations to the Insurance Commission Board, to which it is a signatory to. Weighing up these interests is sometimes a difficult and, often, a contradictory juggling act, which is made even more difficult with the solicitor’s obligation to the firm, his/her budget, the impact of

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