Strategies For Developing A C2 System

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Introduction and Background
In 2012, SOCCENT asked B/2-3 SFG(A) if it was possible to develop a C2 system that could integrate mission planning, a Common Operating Picture (COP), and near real-time reporting (video, voice, and data). At the time, this was only possible by combining Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and approved secure technology. Additionally, the fact that B/2-3 is a joint organization with Navy, Air Force, and other agency enablers only compounded the complexity of this requirement. Furthermore, SOCCENT planners would need to have early access to this C2 system to allow maximum situational awareness in the wake of a crisis. Ideally, the system would also be simple enough to facilitate bottom-up planning that would translate to mission command on the objective.
In the end, I decided to create a system based on a Google Earth framework because it blended commercial technology for use over approved classified networks. If successful, the new system would allow us to generate and issue orders, import real time ISR imagery, and integrate organic ground-based surveillance systems within a single software platform. Over a period of two weeks, I developed the system framework and after demonstrating the capability to my commander, I asked to proof the concept during an upcoming hostage rescue (HR) validation exercise in the CENTCOM AOR. Although the final version of this C2 system did meet the SOCCENT intent and became a unit standard for integrated C2, my

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