Strategies In Any Business Are Instrumental In The Proper

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Strategies in any business are instrumental in the proper growth and expansion of a company. A strategy is a set of analytic techniques for understanding and influencing the firm 's position in the marketplace (Raimundo, 2001). Moreover, the business strategy enables a company to match its internal capabilities and its external environment. Also, the plan assists the company to realize its objectives and mission set at its inception or along the course of its operation in a particular period. The business-level strategy involves organizational decisions on how to compete for customers in the market and industry. It includes choices about the service mix, products, new technologies, facility locations and the like.
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Through powerful advertisement campaigns, Coca-Cola has managed to market its brands all over the world. An important business-level strategy implemented by Coca-Cola is developing new consumer products such as the new flavors of Vanilla and Cherry Coke. Also, the company has also introduced healthier soft drinks like the diet coke, and this has appealed to many consumers globally. The need for developing corporate-level strategies enables an organization to be globally efficient. Also, it is seen as a way of remaining competitive and creating more standardized products as is the case of Coca-Cola.
Purpose statement
The goal regarding this study is to analyze the business-level and corporate-level strategies of Coca-Cola Company and determine the most relevant strategies that align with the long-term success of the firm. Also, this paper will discuss Coca-Cola 's competitive environment to determine the organization 's most aggressive competitor. A comparison of both strategic levels (Coca-Cola and competitor) will evaluate which company is most likely to be long-term successful.
1.Business-Level Strategies for Coca-Cola
According to the 2011 annual report filings by Coca-Cola with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, a significant differentiation and business-level strategy employed by the company is the use of technology advances in creating cost-friendly and efficient means of drink production. Furthermore, the commitment to innovation and sustainability has

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