Stratgies for Negotiation in Business Essay

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Negotiation plays a vital role in the creation of domestic and international policy. In general terms it is defined as a joint decision-making process in which initially incompatible parties arrive at an agreement thought the exchange of concessions and problem-solving. It normally includes both dialogue with discussion on merits, and bargaining with the use of competitive tactics such as promises or threats (Lang, 1996). The use of negotiation is part of a trend of alternative dispute settlement (Fiorino, 1988). Controversies that are handled with negotiation and rule-making seek to resolve the disputes and attain resolutions that have broad applicability. Regulatory negotiation is a legislative process used for policy making. …show more content…

Before a negotiation strategy can be created, the mediators or policymakers need to identify the best time to initiate the process. In any situation, there are a limited number of ideal opportunities to intervene in a conflict and begin the negotiation process. When these “entry points” arise, they signify that the conditions are malleable enough for the process to beign. There are four categories to identify these opportune moments. The first category opens the door to negotiation when there is a “shift in the external environment [that] may directly impinge on the calculations of the parties and their allies” (Crocker, 2004). As it relates to international negotiation, events in other regions of the world that directly impact the allies of a conflict will alter the strategies of the parties involved. Second, escalation in fighting, tension, or the prospect of increase violence may cause a shift in the internal dynamic of a conflict. This will cause an entry point as leaders and negotiators will want to react and prevent increased violence and loss of life. The third entry point attests that a change in the structure of leadership “of one or more parties may create openings for vigorous mediation initiatives” (Crocker, 2004). In some cases, a change in leadership will bring people into power who are more open to negotiation discussions than those who previously held office. The fourth and final entry point “occurs when a new mediator arrives on the

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