Strengths And Weaknesses Of William Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Grit and Mindset in Shakespeare’s Play Othello

Grit and mindset are major factors for attaining our goals and plays key roles in our daily

lives. Grit is the attribute that permits us to endure even with test and to work harder long after a

great many people would of quit. It 's the Rocky quality, the drive to continue going until you

succeed. In an investigation of several understudies, youthful experts and West Point cadets Dr.

Duckworth observed coarseness to be the main characteristic that anticipated future achievement.

Dweck concluded that there are two types of mindsets; a fixed and growth mindset. A fixed

mindset is one in which an individual trusts they have a constrained, foreordained measure of

insight and capacity. They …show more content…

I was determined to become

better than I was. I had a goal that I would master skills such as bump and set, serves, offence

and defense. By the time of the tryouts, I was ready. The coaches were amazed by my

performance. They were impressed by how much I 'd improved and by my level of focus; I was

there to compete not to make friends. It was all due to me having grit. I was challenged and I

accepted it. I practiced daily in order to master the skills until it became part of my life. The

reading True Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth and Lauren Eskreis-Winkler stated that there was a

connection between grit and growth mindset. They suggested that having a growth mindset may

contribute to the amount of effort and commitment we put towards our goals. I kept myself

positive even though there were many that discouraged me and felt superior to me. However, I

had the type of mindset that kept telling me to work harder and commit. As the years went by I

became better at Volleyball and I won a lot of competitions. I never consider myself perfect or

better than anyone else trying to master the sport, I just keep on grinding for my own best. I

practice as much as I can and I become better each day that passes. It 's what grit is all about; to

keep on going, to be determined, and to just working towards your goal.

Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck had after decades of research on success


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