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and restraint have children whose weight gain is less. The children also have lower amounts of excess body fat that can be measured by skinfolds. Additionally, the parents’ in Hood et al.’s (2000) study that had higher levels of disinhibition and dietary restraint had children who had higher body mass index’s, and greater increases in their measures of skin folds. Over the six-year period, the study revealed that when dietary restraint alone was measured, children had a skinfold increase of 52.1mm and 50.1mm when parents reported higher levels of restriction. Whereas, a lesser increase of 37.2mm was calculated for children whose parents had lower levels of restraint (p. 1321). There is a clear increase, however disinhibition showed an even …show more content…

1323). In other words, this suggests mothers and fathers do not have the same influence over a child’s weight status. Mothers who binge eat have a strong influence on their children and their eating habits. Since binge eating is just one of the many behaviors that is regarded as being disinhibited this information should also be considered. A. Lamerz, J Kuepper-Nybelen, N. Bruning, C. Wehle, G. Trost-Brinkhues, H. Brenner, … B. Herpertz-Dahlmann, conducted a study on children ages five to seven years old and their parents. Lamerz is with the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Technical University of Aachen in Germany. According to the study “Children of mothers who suffered from binge eating had six times the risk of binge eating themselves than children of mothers who did not do so” (p. 389). Consequently, the possibility of the child developing the same binge eating behavior as their mother is almost guaranteed. Furthermore, Lamerz et al. (2005) elaborates that 6.3% of children with a BMI of greater than or equal to the ninetieth percentile experienced binge eating episodes. While only 1.4% of children with a lower BMI of less than fifty percent had the same experiences (p. 388). Moreover, when you combine this probability with an already obese child the outcome is even more significant then when

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