Stress And Stress Essay

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Stress is physically and psychologically debilitating for humans. When an individual’s response to stress, their physical body discharges a substance of epinephrine and norepinephrine into the erythrocyte. These hormones instantly initiate the brain to flight-or-fight in response to threat or danger, which can positively or negatively influence a person’s behavior. For instance, a recently expelled college sophomore student got dismissed from a job, become a homeless person and owe an outstanding amount of loan from the U.S. bank in a period of time. The overwhelming, stressful situation such as this can disturb a person to have a nervous breakdown. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, approximately 44,193 of…show more content…
Therefore, adopting a healthier lifestyle can distinguish between a problem-solving thought and a nagging worry that has no benefit.
Secondly, the most beneficial method to overcome a stress disorder is through exercise since being physically active stimulates the brain regions. When exercising, the brain acts as natural painkiller described as endorphins releases into the brain cell, which rewires the memory circuits and improved mental sharpness. Additionally, exercising is extremely effective for the body as it reduces the fatigue and enhances the cognitive function. For those who are unwilling to take part in the exercise, sex is another option to lessen stress because it drained all the stressful thought away. A Psychiatrist from Harvard University once said, “When two people have sexual intercourse, the releases of oxytocin cut stress related to the brain region”, implying sex is a solution to clear up the complexion. While stress is a food source for sex, the pressure a person feels may leave. Therefore, every minute count as the mind and body trained to reduce stressful thoughts.
Another treatment doctor found to reduce a mental stress is by harnessing the upside of stress so a relationship can be formed. Rather than denying stress, recognize and acknowledge that stress is a way to nurture a person. A tend-and-befriend is a behavior by humans attempting to seek protection from a social group for mutual defense in response to a threat. During
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