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Moreover, there have been several studies conducted in examining the relationship between anxiety and self-esteem. One study examined how two treatments, eye movement desensitization (EMDR) and competitive memory training (COMET) help decrease low self-esteem in anxiety disorders. The rationale for this study is that based on previous research is that there is not much information on the relationship between and treating low self-esteem in people who have anxiety (Staring et al., 2016). The researchers hypothesized that EMDR would decrease negative self-esteem and that COMET would increase positive self-esteem, and the overall effect on self-esteem would be almost equivalent. Also, the treatment order will affect outcome, COMET—EMDR would …show more content…

Regarding the methods for the study, the researchers recruited 125 subjects between the ages of 18 and 45 years ‘old (Mustafa et al., 2015). The measures that they used were the Albanian versions of the Zung self-rating anxiety scale and the Rosenberg Self-esteem scale (Mustafa et al., 2015). A cross-sectional correlational study was applied, while age, gender, and self-esteem were the independent variables and anxiety was the dependent variable (Mustafa et al., 2015). The results from the study showed that self-esteem had a negative correlation with anxiety, but this only occurred in Albanian students. Also, there were not any notable differences in self-esteem levels based on either country, although the students in Kosovo displayed higher levels of anxiety (Mustafa et al., 2015). The researchers concluded that that their findings showed a prevalence of anxiety amongst the Kosovo students, although because it is a sample of a specific population of people, there may be some bias (Mustafa et al., 2015). They also concluded that the results from their study resembled previous research and their hypothesis on the correlation between anxiety and self-esteem, but only in the Albanian students (Mustafa et al., 2015). A negative correlational relationship between anxiety

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