Stressors In Stress Management

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Identifying Your Stressors: Step One In Stress Management
We have all experienced some type of stress in our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. Everyone’s experience with it will be different and there will be a variety of reasons and causes for each individual. While one inconvenience is minor to you it may be enough to send your friend running. This is why it’s important to understand your stressors. The first step in managing your stress is understanding what it is that triggers it.
The Categories
• Emotional
These internal stressors include anxieties and fears that you may have and come with a variety of personality traits (like pessimism, distrust, and perfectionism). These types of stressors are unique to individuals and can distort how they perceive others.

• Work
We all experience pressure at work – from the pressures to perform and meet deadlines, to working with irritating colleagues and unpredictable bosses. Work can be a big cause of stress for many of us.

• Social
This includes interactions with friends, dating, social engagements, and even speaking in public. Much like emotional stressors something that has no impact on you may strike your friend hard and vice versa.

• Familial
Family is great, but stress can stem from unruly children, relationship problems, financial issues, and a whole host of other reasons.

• Change
Any type of change can be enough to trigger stress – big life moments like moving home, starting a new job, having children,

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