Strict Gun Control And Public Policy

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Strict gun control 's public policy goal, gun shortage, commonly rests on the grounds that dangerous criminal control is not the central problem for reducing the problem of criminal gun violence but rather that it is the social control of the distinctively-lethal instruments by which both supposedly good citizens as well as violent criminals inflict a shockingly high percentage of injury and death (Gun Laws, 2015). Many feel that putting strict gun policy make the state or country a safer place. They feel that guns are the main reason why many high crime rates is at its highest peak. Some countries with assault rates similar to America 's but with lower gun restriction and with a lower percentage of homicide committed with guns enjoy homicide rates 50% lower than America. Gun assaults are 5-7 times more likely to result in death than non-gun assaults and from the fact that 70% of American homicides are committed with guns (Cornell University Law School, 2006). Many people have different views why they feel that strict gun laws can help their country, such as those that believe gun control laws are effective in reducing gun-related accidents and crime and should be enforced by the government. Those that believe gun control laws are ineffective in reducing gun-related accidents and crime and thus support fewer gun control measures. Also many believe that the private ownership of guns can also help to reduce crime. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution

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