Stroop Effect On The Brain

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The aim of this experiment was to basically analyze how fast the brain can perceive color and describe words simultaneously with the Stroop Effect theory. The Stroop Test is also done to determine new findings on the human’s brain automaticity and how it processes certain functions. In reference, to the independent and dependent variables involved, the independent variable in this experiment would be the color word followed by the conflicting color and the dependent would be the time that it took for the applicant to make a decision. At the conclusion of the lab, applicants were to record their results as well as the group data results and new findings of how the brain functions under certain processes. However, the age differences and the reading comprehension levels of the applicants involved, may have also caused an error due to the lack in understanding of the of time intervals in the ending data. Area: Stroop Effect Introduction: Humans acquire lifelong tendencies, such as reading, that become natural, almost like a second nature. The tendency in reference to this research is that automaticity that humans acquire when reading. According to The Psychonamic Bulletin and Review (1977), a “widespread view in cognition is that once acquired through extensive practice, mental skills such as reading are automatic.” The Stroop Test, study done by psychologist John Ridley in 1935, was done to test the human brains automaticity. He noticed that humans have a larger

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