Structure And Function Discovery Of Proteins

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Proteins (Y.Vincent, et al.) are present in every cell of the organisms. They are involved virtually almost in all cellular activities. They are responsible for the various metabolic activities, nutrition transportation, regulations and etc. They exist as single chain molecule, as a three dimensional structures or even in the bundle or complex forms. The protein plays a vital role in cellular processes. The protein consists of twenty amino acids. They possess different characteristics such as hydrophobic, hydrophilic, polar, non-polar and etc. It is the great challenge to the bioinformatics that to find which combination of proteins are responsible for what kind of activities. The structure and function discovery of proteins in living organisms is vital role in understanding the background of various cellular processes. It is helpful in treating various diseases, in detecting the drugs to peculiar diseases. The IUPAC code for Protein from DNA code
The irregularity in the proteins can be found if their actual functionality and their protein complex are known. The biologist will interpret the functionality of the protein complex based on their chemical properties.

Amino acid codes
1-letter 3-letter Description
A Ala Alanine
R Arg Arginine
N Asn Asparagine
D Asp Aspartic acid
C Cys Cysteine
Q Gln Glutamine
E Glu Glutamic acid
G Gly Glycine
H His Histidine
I Ile Isoleucine
L Leu Leucine
K Lys Lysine
M Met Methionine
F Phe
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