Structure and Development of Curriculum Essay

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Structure and Development of Curriculum. ‘Australia’s future depends upon each citizen having the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and values for a productive and rewarding life in an educated, just and open society’ (Brady & Kennedy 2007) these skills, values and knowledge are gained throughout the early years of individual’s lives as they attend schools. The Australian Government ensures that all schools develop students in the appropriate manner by deriving a national curriculum by which all schools must follow. The national curriculum is constructed by The Australian curriculum, assessment and reporting authority (ACARA). How is the curriculum organized? There are four stages in the development of the Australian…show more content…
Finally, the objectives model then questions whether the learning goals or purposes are being reached. The Australian curriculum does this in its final stage also as it reviews its implementation. The first step in both the Objectives model and the development of the Australian curriculum is the stating of objectives. When referring to the objectives model, ‘the source of these objectives includes what students need to know, what society believes should be taught, and what subjects specialists consider important. No single source is adequate’ (Brady & Kennedy 2008) This can also be said for the development of objectives in the Australian curriculum as the first stage of developing the curriculum involves developing a rough Shape of the curriculum content paper and ‘Expert advice is sought in the development of an initial draft shape paper which is endorsed by ACARA’s Board for release for wide public consultation’ (ACARA 2010) after the public provide feedback from the paper it may then be further developed to meet the needs of
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