Student Athlete Vs Student Athletes

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At many colleges and universities, there is a significant difference between the life of a student-athlete and the life of a non-student athlete. A number of institutions that are regulated by the NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association), mostly larger schools(Divisions I, I-AA, and II) apply their focus solely on their athletic programs opposed to their athletes themselves. Yet, this is not the case for every college or university. There are also schools that are known for their academics, such as Ivy League schools that produce top scholars. Yet, very few schools are known to give the absolute “best” of both worlds per say. Many of the larger schools put their efforts into developing elite athletic programs in order to gain capital. For decades this has been a major concern for many. The same athletes that are performing to build their schools have not been reaping, nor acquired access to, the benefits that they are promised nor that they deserve. Colleges and universities should focus on giving “student” athletes more of an education and less of an athletic experience because the odds of becoming professional are unlikely, college athletics bring in enough revenue to support the athletes, and student-athletes should be as informed and supported in academics as they are sports.
The odds of becoming a professional athlete are slim to none. According to the NCAA, only 3% of college athletes are expected to go professional(NCAA).With the chances of reaching the
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