Student Motivation Is Important, Not Only For Academic Success

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Reading Motivation

Being able to read is important, not only for academic success but also as a general life skill that is necessary in a literate society (McGeown, 2013). Due to its significance, it is crucial to identify ways to develop children’s reading through engagement in reading activities. Research confirms that student motivation is a key factor in successful reading (Gambrell & Marinak, 2009) and without the motivation to read, even a competent student will not have the drive to read. Therefore, it is essential for children to develop their reading skills.

Albert Bandura (1986) has suggested that motivation or a lack thereof is the result of an individual’s self-efficacy related to a task. Self-efficacy can be defined as the …show more content…

Will describes the enjoyments, wants and behaviours surrounding reading. A person with skill may be capable to read, but without will, he or she cannot become a reader (Cambria & Guthrie, 2013). So, to become a successful reader, children need the ‘skills’ and the ‘will’. This will determine whether he or she reads widely and frequently and grows into someone who enjoys and benefits from literacy.

There are three powerful motivations that drive students’ reading. These include: interest, dedication and confidence (Cambria & Guthrie, 2013). Students who are interested in reading are motivated because they enjoy reading; a dedicated student is motivated to read because they believe it is important, and a confident student reads because they can do it. These three motivations can be synergistic as well as independent. They are synergistic by working together to propel a student forward to become a motivated reader. For an example, some students are interested and enjoy reading. The enjoyment of reading leads them to commit time, concentration and dedication, which will produce achievement in grades and high-test scores (Cambria & Guthrie, 2013). Similarly, confident students are dedicated to their work when they have to and commit time and energy to tasks as they expect to succeed, so the time and effort are part of their dedication. But, it is only when interest and confidence are controlled by dedication, will students succeed

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