Students Can Choose More Than One Way

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Today, students can choose more than one way to attend school. The ordinary way is by attending a traditional classroom setting which has been utilized for years. The other option is to attend school by learning online. This relatively new way of learning is rapidly growing especially with working adults. Both ways of schooling will allow a student to earn a degree but there are some differences between the two.

Learning the traditional way consists of "sitting in a classroom for hours on end" (Bethel University, n.d., p.4). A traditional classroom allows the student to correspond with the teacher and classmates in person. Learning in a traditional classroom setting also means the student will have a physical text book to transport around and possibly other materials like notebooks, pens, paper, etc. (Bethel University, (n.d.) The traditional classroom will likely involve class participation, homework, reading assignments, tests, and possibly a few quizzes.

An online setting allows the student to participate in the course work with more agility. "You don 't have to slip into a seat at a particular time of the day or night." (Bethel University, n.d., p. 4). The student has the ease of completing assignments in the comfort of their own home and must be disciplined to submit the work before the deadline. It is imperative for an online student to manage their own schedule because there isn 't a set time for the student to login and participate. Online classes will

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